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August 27, 2016

The Stamford/Greenwich pumpout boat is out of service this weekend due to a faulty pump.  The New York boat is not operating due to an engine problem.  We are working on the problems and the boats will be up and running soon.  Check back here for updates.

The Norwalk/Westport pumpout boat is running for those locations, and the Bridgeport/Black Rock Harbor pumpout boat is also up and running.  Enter your pumpout request online here.

Pumpouts can also be hailed on VHF channel 77 (68 for Bridgeport).  You will receive an email confirmation when pumpout has been completed.  Thanks for helping keep the Sound clean!

To location a stationary pumpout facility in Connecticut click on the link below:

To locate a pumpout facility in New York click on the link below:

(updated: 8/28/2016)
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